Albara School has been one of the best elementary school for the aspiring students in Oman. We work not with a passive mind rather than that our vision of education is something beyond spirituality. We focus on the high standards by engaging in the development of a child wholly. We focus and seriously indulge in the whole development of our pupil by developing their social, behavioral and emotional outlook as well. We consider the tender age of the little ones as the best time to cultivate good values for creating a fruitful life. We priors the development of self-confidence and social commitment in a child’s life. We welcome the students who desire to be an Albarian which will be a great opportunity to be nourished not only with academic excellence but also with good human traits. Let’s gather under the same shade bounded with extreme care and support.



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Creative Learning

We have a strong Creative Learning & Performing Arts curriculum (art & craft, drama & dance, music, public speaking, & more) which enhances the creative thinking, social development and confidence of every child.



We develop each child’s wellbeing which is scientifically proven to lead to greater resilience and mental development, stronger character strengths and values, and improved social skills and academic achievement.


MultiSmart Learning

Our educators have developed and offer a high impact education programme of MultiSmart Learning that nurtures a child’s “core skills” and “multiple intelligences” that lead to all-round development.


Easily Accessible Location

The school is located in the heart of Oman which makes flexible transportation facilities for students and parents from different locations. Our institution provides safe travel facilities for students to come and go from school without any risk.

Better global Infrastructure

An ideal educational institution requires a good infrastructure as it affects both the mind and attitude of students. We provide you globally acclaimed infrastructure for your child’s better performance.

A second home atmosphere

We built here a child-friendly environment, where students can sense the freedom. The caring soothing atmospheres we create enhance the students with a feeling of safety and security.

Top experienced and qualified Staffs

The future of your children is safe in our hands as they will be mended by the most qualified and educated hands. They are experienced in developing creative minds.

Updated and technologized learning Facilities

Students will be provided highly technological facilities and will be updated with the reliable information. They will be given the opportunities to experience the new technologies and gain exposure with it.


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